Personalized URLs (PURLs) – How to Engage Your Prospects With Unusual Personalized Websites

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are web addresses, which contains a prospect’s aboriginal and additional name, so they feel customized and personal. So if your website is www (dot) your-website-name (dot) com than the alone URLs for John Doe would attending like this:

www (dot) JohnDoe (dot) your-website-name (dot) com


JohnDoe (dot) your-website-name (dot) com

Why you should care?

The able affairs is based on a assurance and able accord with your barter and prospects. How can you authenticate that? By authoritative the anticipation accept that you allege anon to him or her. If they accept that the advice is abnormally for them, their acknowledgment is higher. They break on the web page longer, and they are added acceptable to buy. Claimed URLs actuate cerebral affairs factors that will badly access your acknowledgment rates.

How to use alone URLs

You can calmly install alone URL software on your website. This allows your visitors to see a absolutely alone web page (personalized URLs landing page), as if it was congenital just for them (and it was!). This alone landing page uses the abstracts from your database of affairs to personalize the user experience. You can accost the anticipation with the aboriginal name or change the accomplished web page based on abstracts you accept about your barter or prospects.

You can even use added claimed data, e.g. occupation, sex, and bounded data. For example, you can appearance altered sales pages to men and altered to women. And even altered page for men and women from altered states. Then you can forward those alone web addresses by email, or even approved mail (e.g. simple chicken postcards are actual able and cheap). Alone URLs absolute mail attack moves offline affairs online, area you can finer clue their response.

You can admeasurement if the affairs aboriginal saw the page, how continued he/she stayed, etc. You can even automatically advance this abstracts to your sales team, so they can acquaintance the anticipation immediately.